Passenger Vehicles

Tama Technical Core provides total support for the engineering services of passenger vehicle production, from the initial stage of the development design, including body modeling and products design, to the design and production of equipment including molding, welding, machining, assembly and electronics parts.

Passenger Vehicles
Production Preparation and Process Management

From production preparation planning and startup technical support, to the management of all production processes, Tama Technical Core is your best partner for total production system support. We provide the total support with the planning for production line process, production equipment, layout design, and simulation engineering, including automation and robotic technologies.

Production Preparation and Process Management

Technical Expertise

Vehicle Development and Design
・Vehicle plan
・Body panel design
・Chassis frame design
・Interior design
・Exterior design
・Cockpit module design
・Sheet design

Production Preparation
・Production layout review
・Production processes planning
・Tool and equipment planning
・Production line startup support

Production Tool and Equipment Design
・Mechanical design
・Machine control design
・Molding design
・Fabrication and adjustment

Production Simulation
・Welding spots