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Test Equipment for Fluid Instrumentation Device

Tama Technical Core rises to the challenges posed by the need for high-performance and high precision product while minimizing costs, and is also strongly involved in the ever-expanding role of IT technologies as well as green technologies. Tama Technical Core provides with the development of sub-micron order precision machinery, transportation system and robotic system.

Transportation System.Industrial Vehicle.Industrial Robot.Precision Machinery.Resin product
Electronics System

Tama Technical Core can design module circuitry and develop substrate designs using electrical and electronics technologies.

Electronics System

Product Development Experience

Semiconductor transport system
Liquid crystal clean transport system
Logistics automatic warehouse transport system
CNC lathe ・ chuck ・ transportation ・ measuring instrument
Industrial multi-axis robot
Fork lift vehicle development and production equipment
Information precision equipment
FA control device ・ display casing
Large size printer for industrial use
Automatic assembly and standing system for building materials
Water supply / gas meter production equipment